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Consultant Homoeopath for Chronic & So-called Incurable Diseases

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"As there is classical music, classical physics, classical arts, there is also classical homeopathy"
- Dr. R. Shah

Anxiety & COVID-19 - Dr. A.K. Arun, M.D.

Dr. A.K.Arun, M.D.(Hom.) had trained in WHO for COVID 19 Prevention & Management. He is the member of Expert committee on COVID 19 Prevention in Govt. of NCT Delhi.

Dr. Arun has experience to treat more than 250 COVID 19 (Asymptomatic & Symptomatic) patients and prevention in clusters & societies in Delhi. He has distributed 50,000 doses of CAMPHORA 1M as a Homoeopathic Prophylactic Medicine in many RED ZONES in Delhi & prevent the COVID 19 spread in the area.

He is the expert member in ‘Homoeopathic Medicine Control trail for COVID 19’ in Delhi nominated by Delhi Govt.

A.K.Arun;M.D.(Homoeopathy) is a Delhi based public health Activist, Researcher and National Award winning Homeopathic Medical Consultant) E-mail: docarun2@gmail.com

Patients feedback

I was told by a Dermatologist to bear my Psoriasis till my life time as it incurable. I also advised not to waste time and money.I was hopeless & depressed. It is my second month with Dr.Arun & I can belief that it will be surely cured in couple of years.
Nisha Khosla, Delhi, INDIA

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