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"As there is classical music, classical physics, classical arts, there is also classical homeopathy"
- Dr. R. Shah

Stress Management in Homoeopathy


Stress is an unpleasant state of emotional and physiological arousal that people experience in situations that they perceive as dangerous or threatening to their well-being. .It is a common experience. We may feel stress when we are very busy, have important deadlines to meet, or have too little time to finish all of our tasks. Stress can have both positive and negative effects. If not managed appropriately, stress can lead to serious problems. Exposure to chronic stress can contribute to both physical illnesses, such as heart disease, and mental illnesses, such as anxiety disorders. The circumstances that cause stress are called stressors. Stressors vary in severity and duration. Stressors can be classified into three general categories. Two broad types of coping strategies: problem-focused coping and emotion-focused coping. The goal of both strategies is to control one's stress level. In problem-focused coping, people try to short-circuit negative emotions by taking some action to modify, avoid, or minimize the threatening situation. In general, problem-focused coping is the most effective coping strategy when people have realistic opportunities to change aspects of their situation and reduce stress. Emotion-focused coping is most useful as a short-term strategy. Social Support from friends, family members, and others who care for us goes a long way in helping us to get by in times of trouble. A large body of research has linked social support to good health and a superior ability to cope with stress. An another study found that heart-attack victims who lived alone were nearly twice as likely to have another heart attack as those who lived with someone. Research also suggests that the companionship of animals can help lower stress. Biofeedback is a technique in which people learn voluntary control of stress-related physiological responses, such as skin temperature, muscle tension, blood pressure, and heart rate. In addition to biofeedback, two other major methods of relaxation are progressive muscular relaxation and meditation. Homoeopathy has good answer to it. It is a method of excellence in dealing with stress. I believe that all negative stress can be successfully treated.

Patients feedback

I was told by a Dermatologist to bear my Psoriasis till my life time as it incurable. I also advised not to waste time and money.I was hopeless & depressed. It is my second month with Dr.Arun & I can belief that it will be surely cured in couple of years.
Nisha Khosla, Delhi, INDIA

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Stress Management in Homoeopathy
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