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"As there is classical music, classical physics, classical arts, there is also classical homeopathy"
- Dr. R. Shah

Naturopathy and its Scientific Aspects


There are two principal methods of treating disease. One is combative, the other is preventive. The trend of modern medical research and practice is almost entirely along combative lines. The slogan of modern medical science is “Kill the germ & cure the disease.” But in preventive line we does not wait until disease has fully developed and gained the ascendancy in the body, but concentrates its best endeavors on preventing by hygienic living & natural methods of treatment.

The fundamental Principles of Nature Cure is radically differing from allopathic theory & practice. It suggests that every acute disease is the result of a purifying. Healing effort of Nature.

The bacteria found associated with acute; sub acute and chronic diseases are not the Primary causes, but rather the product of Pathogenic conditions. The Primary Cause of germ activity is the morbid soil in which bacteria breed & multiply.

Concept: The concept of Nature cure systems is a system of man building in harmony with the constructive Principle in Nature on the Physical, Mental and moral planes of being. The constructive Principle in nature is that which builds up improves, and repairs.

Nature cure is a complete revolution in the art & science of living. It is the Practical realization and application of all that is good in natural science, philosophy and religion.

Science: Now let's talk about preventive method of combating disease. It is an universal fact that the “illness does not develop without cause, There are laws which regulate human life as well as the other system, and the man who violates any of the laws of his being ought to know, when he suffers mental & physical distress, that this is a consequence of the transgression".

Principles: We will discus in detail about the basic principles of nature cure. They are -

  1. Acute disease is a remedy not an enemy.
  2. Illness does not develop without cause.
  3. Disease cannot be cured by poisons etc.

Very fundamental principle of Nature Cure that “Microbes” are nothing but soil (in the stomach and blood) is every thing for disease creation and continuation. It should be noted that infection is a consequence or result but the cause is junk eating. Junk eating diminished blood pH lower than 7.4 and increases acidic environment in the blood itself (Which is rightly called as soil) which reduces body resistance & Immunity. Such acidic blood with lower pH and makes saliva acidic & result is tooth decay, loss of enamel, spongy gum, pus formation --may be called EXUDATION.

Natural Healing: Natural healing involves several distinct components. They are Reaction, Regeneration and adaptation. These are automatic responses. It is a scientific fact that healing is a universal Natural property of all creation. Not only living but non living things too. For example, the rocks heal. we can see the mountain which heal with time laps.


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I was told by a Dermatologist to bear my Psoriasis till my life time as it incurable. I also advised not to waste time and money.I was hopeless & depressed. It is my second month with Dr.Arun & I can belief that it will be surely cured in couple of years.
Nisha Khosla, Delhi, INDIA

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Naturopathy and its Scientific Aspects
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